What is
Factomind Technologies?

Factomind Technologies, Ltd. (Factomind) is a market specialist with expertise in both traditional finance and cryptocurrency industry. With years of experience, the team aims to add value to partnering projects by providing data-driven insights in the cryptocurrency market from varying angles, including strategy optimizations and quantified growth path design.

Our world revolves around technology. Referring to the good old Cobb-Douglas production function, the main growth factor in economic outputs is attributed to technological revolution.

Back in the 1760’s, coal had found its utility as a source of energy in addition to its metallurgical uses, and triggered the Industrial Revolution. In modern society, the corresponding fuel is a processed form of observation: Data.

Human-recognizable data has always been present in mankind history, and was always inseparable from all forms of businesses—from pre-Web, Web 0, Web 1, Web 2, to our very native Web 3, we lived by the same narrative. If we know our neighbor Tom wants a chicken and is willing to pay a cow in return, we can make a profitable trade. That is the power of information.

However, despite having the omniscient, immutable information ledger as the foundational technology, using data in Web 3 is surprisingly difficult. Our thoughts on Web 3 data would be another day’s topic, for now we will just take it for granted. Anyway, the difficulty in using Web 3 data naturally translates to the advantage for those who are data-savvy.

Being data-savvy refers to the ability to refine the overflowing information into data, and the capacity to timely utilize the appropriate data to make business decisions. Thus, we view Web 3 as the land of opportunity; with the powerful blockchain as the industrial layer, we can directly use data to measure the fundamentals of projects and market dynamics of their respective tokens in real time, a feat unachievable in any traditional industries.

Nonetheless, as we recurrently point out, Web 3 is a data-centric industry yet at the same time a data-unfriendly one; not because we did not bring the data analysis manual from Web 2, but because information is not properly processed into data.

Long story short, we have built a refined and robust Web 3 database and framework to extract information out of the database.

As builders of the industry, you must endure the pain to build your products. We will be alongside your journey as a pacemaker, and diagnose the symptoms with our database to alleviate your pain.

Our team is stacked with experienced veterans from traditional finance and information technology sectors, and we have been operating in Web 3 under the radar for over a year. We are ready to provide builders with profound insights on capital markets and data analytics.
From hereunder, we will provide a list of support items Factomind could offer to the Web 3 builders.

Before we start, our pacemaking for builders is not meant to be a one-time service; instead, we will ship our services throughout the whole journey.

The core characteristic of a cryptocurrency is a gradually increasing token supply (unlike 100% supply availability of traditional financial assets). If a project fails to properly deliver their core functions to offset the token supply schedule, token price will likely tumble, holders will get disappointed, and thus market interest will dissipate. Once attention and liquidity are gone, they are extremely tough to recover, and are often impossible to do so. Therefore, we need liquidity strategies from the inception of the project, until the very mature stage of the project; we have designated these services “liquidity solutions.” 

Factomind provides data-driven tailored solutions to builders via Liquidity Solution Services, according to the phase of their products.

Quantitative Insight Sharing : We preemptively provide must-knows and data insights for all builders.

Quantitative Business Advisory : All business decisions require optimization and prioritization, as all builders are constrained to time and money. Especially in the initial phase, every decision made is critical, and builders need a firm rationale to base their decisions on—which our Quantitative Business Advisory will happily deliver.

Market Solution : Factomind will provide various market-related support to client projects, including listing strategy optimization.

Of course, builders could subscribe to a subset of our services based on their specific need of solutions, but if they are unsure, we will diagnose the projects and provide the optimal solution suggestions to those most in need.

We strongly believe that our solutions and conducts will help builders to successfully build their projects. We always welcome everyone to reach out to us for talks—after all, that is why we are in this industry: We share values.

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